The Farm

If you want to know more about our herd, your are most welcome to contact us by e-mail or by phone.
Approach by phone in English language please use + 45 40 19 10 08.

About our herd.

The herd is consisting of 38 breeding animal, they are breed at 3 different cow lines.

One Scottish cow imported in 1989. "Castle of my Eodesta"- after the known bull, "Kinnaber
Mr. Steakhouse", from which there become very fine Angus healthy offspring.

One Swedish cow imported in 1987, "Erytrea 253", after the known bull, "Emulus 191". The offspring
have given a great growth, the offspring is also very easy and steady.

One Canadian cow imported in 1992, "Eastondale Blackbird", after the known bull, "L.A. Magic".
Her offspring gives all a large amount of milk and great growth.